Champions League

Welcome to the NEW and very exciting Champions League.

This years upcoming Champions League is hosted at Healesville & running on Saturday 04th & Sunday 05th May 2013.

Champions League:

A who's who of the current clans in the Clan Wars competitions. All clans who qualified for their finals series during the season will now qualify and gain entry into the Clan Wars Champions League.

A tournament style format is played out between the top clans from all Laser Strike fields across Victoria. This even includes B-League clans. It's non-stop action packed event. The games themselves are similar to that run in the Australian National Clan Wars.

The location for the champions league is changed each year from field to field.

Two types of playing areas are used being bush and urban.

Games include;

Bush - 10min games - Secure & Hold - limited re-spawns

Urban/Inflatable's - 3min games - Elimination -Capture The Flag - Centre Room - Three Centre Room

A big GOLD colored Champions League Cup for the Champions!

Champions League Medallions for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place getter's.

Last Years (2012) Top 4:

1st Place - Mysterious Soldiers (The Basin)

2nd Place - Deer Down (The Basin)

3rd Place - Comrades (The Basin)

4th Place - Skilled (Geelong)

Check out the past years Champions from the table below.

2011 Summer 7th Death The Basin
2012 Summer Mysterious Soldiers Geelong
2013 Summer Mysterious Soldiers Healesville

Contact Details

PO Box 1519 Healesville 3777
Phone: 1300 76 46 86