Sniper City

Six snipers are placed into different positions in the battlefields. The rest of the army is ordered to gain intelligence to locate all sniper positions, assassinate all snipers and gain control of their position. The game is won only if the snipers have killed all soldiers from the army or until the army assassinates the snipers and gains control of all their positions.

So here you are on top of the hill. Covered in camouflage from head to toe. Blended in to the thick shrub and bush scoping out the situation. Through your scope over the valley you see one of your other snipers waiting ready for action. Panning back at the city you notice an army suddenly storming out from the offices. Gun fire instantly rings over the valley from the city. Your heart pumps. Their troops are going everywhere. Flanking to the left, flanking to the right and headed this way. Am I going to be able to take them out before they hear my gun fire and give away my position. You take a breath..... Hold it in...... Finger on the trigger and FIRE!!!

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