Operation: Secure the Building

This operation requires the elite Special Forces troops to storm into and secure a building that the rebels have taken control of. The Special Forces are to converge on the building taking down any enemy inside, outside or attempting to resist against the take over. The rebel's objective is to come together as one, to kill and eliminate all troops from the Special Forces at all costs. The game is won if the elite special forces successfully takeover the building and eliminate all rebels or if the rebels kill all the Special Forces and hold their facility. This game requires strategy, communication, strength and team work to unite as one.

"SSHHH"!! You whisper as your men creep over the sticks and shrub. "Only 10 meters to go, there is the facility". As you reassure your men pointing to the building. Suddenly from inside you hear a scream. "To the death" Panic sets in. Your gun raised. Gun fire rings out from all around. Two of your men to your left are hit. "Man down...Man down" You scream. "Commandos secure the ground floor. Sniper... Sniper"... You call. "Yes Sir" Replies your sniper. "Head east into the passage see if you can take their sniper from the roof he is all over us, and sniper stay down, GO GO GO! The rest of you fall back, there is gunfire from the windows FALL BACK, FALL BACK NOW"!

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Phone: 1300 76 46 86