Operation: Search And Rescue

Terrorists have captured hostage a member of the Swat team. Sources have leaked information stating that the Swat team member has been seen alive and has been witnessed being moved and hidden away somewhere in the city. The city is extremely well guarded with terrorist extremists. Your job as a member of the swat team is too infiltrate into the city. You must search and secure every building and each room. Be prepared for enemy fire. Take down and eliminate all extremists attempting to hold back the mission. This game is won by the terrorists if all members from the Swat team have been eliminated including the hostage, or by the Swat team successfully completing their mission and delivering the hostage back to safety alive and well.

"Team lets get our boy back". You order as your men converge on the city. "Sniper head to the south end of the city ensuring your position is hidden ready for combat. "You three". As you point to your men. "Head west and flank threw the west side. Be on the lookout for any enemy and their positions. Commandos lets form a line formation and head through both sides of these two buildings. Remember search everything and lets rescue our guy".

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