Operation: Plant the Bomb

The two team's, SWAT and The Terrorist's start at different locations in the battlefield. The objective of SWAT is to carry a bomb into the secret hidden hideout of The Terrorists. Once there SWAT must carry the bomb into The Terrorist's base, plant the bomb, activate the bomb, blow up The Terrorists base and return back alive. The Terrorists objective is to keep a lookout for any activity, eliminate and kill any activity, protect the base and fight to the death.

"I have visual sir, 300 meters away, eleven o'clock from your position now". You say over the radio. " We copy you, we have visual, seems to be about...30 enemy...maybe 40 or so, the base is well guarded and from what I can see all enemy are well armed". A voice replies over the radio.."Four snipers. " You order. "Two push east, roughly 200 meters away, the other two push west about the same, you guys stay out of sight await my signal and take down as many enemy as you can. While that happens we shall push up from the south charging our way into their base with the bomb. Prepare yourselves for battle men, we are going in"......

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