Operation: Hold Base Camp

The rebels are at it again! This time they have taken control of the base camp. Leaked sources have informed the elite Special Forces that the rebels are currently confirmed at the base camp site and they should move toward it ASAP. The overall winner is judged as either the rebels eliminate and fight off all troops from the special forces or the elite Special Forces successfully gain control of the base camp by wiping out any rebels throughout the hills that are resisting the takeover or defending base camp.

"Ok guys we are now approaching the base camp". You whisper to your team as you trek on the side of the mountain. "Four commandos, I want you to flank to the bottom of the hill, careful not to be spotted. Sniper's I want you three to push to those three points on top of the mountain". You order as you point to the sites. "We are relying on you three to take a few out early so they don't see us converging. The commandos will move in from the near the valley, the rest of us lets head in from here. They won't see this one coming, oh and sniper's?" You ask. "Yes Commander" They reply. "Just wait till I give you the hand signal, ok?" "Yes sir" They reply. "Ok now GO GO GO!!"

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