This mission is a re-enactment of the tough battle which occurred on the shores of Gallipoli. The Australian soldiers were deployed by boats onto the shores of Gallipoli, sent into what some say certain death. Awaiting their arrival in the hills were the Turkish Army.

The task for the Australian soldiers is to fight off enemy attack and secure the heights, by waving and planting the Australian Flag at the top. Can your team work together to fight as one and unite yourselves to victory? Determination, persistence, team work and the strength to succeed are all needed to win this difficult task. Are your snipers good enough to take a few down, do you have the courage to send yourself in to the frontline? Will the flag be planted at the top of the heights? "Commander your troops are ready and awaiting deployment and their orders".

The mission for the Turkish army is to defend the country, sources have informed the Turkish government that the "Skippies" are on their way and have planned a landing on the beach at Gallipoli. Defend the country at all costs, await for their boats arrival onto the beach and fire at will. Will the snipers from the heights be able to take everyone down as they sail in or will the Australians make it to land? "The men are scattered throughout the hills and are ready for your order commander, a visual of the boats has been verified headed for the beach". READY.........AIM............................................................FIRE AT WILL!!!"

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