Capture The Flag

One of the ultimate games in skirmish, for this mission teams start at their bases either end of the battlefields. The rules are simple - troops are sent to kill everyone from the opposing team, or launch an attack into the enemies base, capture their flag and return to their home base without being shot. Locate the barrel at your base and place the flag in it. First team which either successfully captures their opponents flag or kill all soldiers from the opposing team wins.

This mission requires team work, communication, dedication, perseverance and patience. The whistle blows, suddenly the sound of your soldiers foot steps stomp around your base. You instantly notice in the distance the enemy has begun an attack. "Sniper". You scream. "We need you to protect the left flank, the enemy has begun to approach from the left". "Another sniper" you yell. "Guard the right flank. Commandos bunker in behind those mounds. Three of you come with me, we must hold them back, quick lets go, cut them off at the creek. OPEN FIRE.."

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