Aliens vs Humans

This battle is played as the name says Aliens VS Humans. The teams start at their bases either end of the battlefield. One team (The Humans) have the normal sound effects supplied on the weapons. The other team (The Aliens) fire guns that sound like intergalactic firing weapons. The winning team is decided as the team who eliminates all members of the opposing side. That is either The Humans kill all of The Aliens and save the world or The Aliens kill all The Humans and continue on their way to take over the world.

It begins. Your heart rate increases, you and The Humans are sent in from the north to find and eliminate all Alien life. You point to the building after hearing Alien fire inside. "Six men enter through the east wing, split into pairs and enter through separate rooms. Make sure not to get hit and kill all the Aliens. Sniper head to the office and see if you can provide some cover for them on entry. The rest of us through the west wing. Let's get those little Alien freaks in the crossfire. LET'S GO GO GO".

Contact Details

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Phone: 1300 76 46 86