Corporate team building events

"Make a STRIKING difference in your organization"

Management meetings and staff training no longer need to be restricted to conference rooms. Achieve the same results whilst having so much more fun! It’s amazing how “shooting and killing each other” helps build unity within your company's departments, or build relationships with other companies. Alliances built on the battlefield will automatically be transported into your work place. A game of laser skirmish with co-workers incorporates the basic principles of team building, strategies that allow employees to enhance communication, develop rapport, sharpen the competitive edge and define leadership skills, all while having a great time. Ask us about our corporate packages. We can arrange anything from making a game of Laser Strike a short “corporate exercise” as a part of your conference, or you can come along and play full day activities at one of our Battlefields!

Some of the lucky companies who have already benefited from Laser Skirmish include, Masterfoods, Bunnings, NAB, ANZ, Subway, AAPT, Dulux, Harvey Norman, Victoria Police, CFA, Westpac and Network Ten just to name a few.

We can even cater to your needs.

"If my people succeed I will not fail, if my people fail I will not succeed".

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