Hens and bucks parties

We specialise in bachelor and bachelorette parties. With our signature missions - "Assassinate/Protect the VIP" and "Terminator" you as the best man or maid of honour will be dressed up in one of our crazy costumes. The idea is that the Buck or Hen is the "VIP" and your group divides into 2 teams, one are the escorts/bodyguards the other the assassins/ambushers. The assassins go out into the battlefield to hide. The team objective for escorting the VIP is to get the VIP from Point A to Point B without them getting "killed"!

During Terminator battles the best man and buck head into the battlefield armed with long range weapons everyone else is ordered to hunt them down making sure you get a hit in before someone else does. Best of all, the Hen/Buck plays for free with bookings of ten or more!

Catering can even be included.

Public Sessions and Private Sessions are available.

Contact Details

PO Box 1519 Healesville 3777
Phone: 1300 76 46 86