What games, missions and scenarios are played?

Laser Strike has a number of different games, each requiring there own tactics and team work. Some of the games that you can participate include, Death Match, Capture The Flag, Centre Flag, All Flags, Bull Dog, Centre Room, Assassinate/Protect the VIP, Gallipoli, Terminator, Sniper City, Aliens VS Humans, Operation: Secure the Building, Operation: Hold Base Camp, Long Tan, plus numerous Counter Assualt missions, just to name a few. We also conduct night missions which entail all your senses on red alert. Plus we also have special events like the 6-A Side tournaments, clan wars, cup competitions and much more.

Commando members have the added bonus of having access to other serious competitions, special events and scenario days.

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Contact Details

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Phone: 1300 76 46 86