About Laser Strike

Laser Strike is like paintball but without the pain and bruises. Laser Strike is best described as an Army skirmish sport in a safe and exciting outdoor and indoor battlefield. Realistic guns, sound effects and camouflage gear give players a real taste of the battlefield experience.

Guns shoot harmless beams of infra-red light up to 170+ meters, make lots of noise and have sensors on the target lighting up to show a ‘hit’. Each hit reduces available lives, until the player gets "retired or killed” from the game. There are a variety of weapons, from short-range sub-machine guns to long-range sniper rifles, each with its own tactics and uses.

Teams will work together on planning and strategy to achieve their aims.

Laser Strike fever is spreading rapidly throughout Melbourne. The reason for this is the game itself actually originated from the computer game "Counter Strike".

An army based computer game with a number of different tactical missions and scenarios to complete. So, if you have ever played a "shooter" game on XBOX, Playstation or any other game console, now you finally have the opportunity to put your talent to the test. Laser Strike is the most realistic and advanced combat simulation skirmish to be found anywhere in Melbourne.

We can even run groups of up to 80 players at once on the battlefields.

If you have ever dreamt of doing it, now you really can do it!

Contact Details

PO Box 1519 Healesville 3777
Phone: 1300 76 46 86